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Dr. Eric is board certified dermatologist offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Dr. Eric is licensed dermatologist in the State of NY. I had never seen Dr. Eric S. Treiber before. He was very kind and informative and took the time to answer my questions in detail. I appreciated his honesty and will certainly see him again. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is very thorough in terms of examining me. He is caring and thorough and very professional. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is an excellent diagnostician. I came in for a cosmetic procedure. Just wanted to look youthful. He has a very artistic eye and knows. Drs like Dr Treiber do not exist anymore so if you can snatch an appointment with her I suggest you take it!. She's an expert in her field with a prodigious bedside manner. Thank you Dr Treiber for you! Cannot say anything less than great for Dr Treiber. She is a wonderful and accurate derm. Dr. Ruth is an exceptional physician. She is honest, thorough and devoted to her patients. Her staff is warm and welcoming, and I adore Cathy, her nurse. I've had several serious skin issues and i always trust that with Dr. Ruth, i am in capable hands. Dr Ruth Treibor is an incredibly talented and patient skin doctor and has identified problems that others missed. She is also extremely thorough and detailed and keep close track of every mark and blemish for safety and as a result as identified many early stage issues which she has been able to treat before they became a real problem. She is incredibly proactive and also helps me keep up with new ways of improving my skin tone and preventing further damage as I get older. She's the best! Dr Ruth Treiber is not only a well rounded dermatologist who is knowledgeable in every aspect of dermatology but she is also such a caring person. My dermatologist for over 10yrs . She has made me feel and look beautiful for every time I have been there. She has always guided me with her expertise in all her beauty enhancing services. I love her work and how it makes me feel when I leave her office. I would never leave her. Christine D.
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Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

During his many years at Eric Treiber Dermatology, Dr. Eric Treiber has heard a number of rumors and myths, involving both hair loss and skin care. Some are just exaggerations of the truth, while others are complete fallacies. Recently Dr. Eric Treiber treated a patient with severe dandruff, while it was bad, it was definitely treatable, and wouldn’t cause any adverse health effects at all. However, the patient was led to believe that Dandruff was actually a major cause of balding or hair loss.

While this was not the first patient to bring this myth to Dr. Eric Treiber or his staff’s attention, it is completely false. There is no discernable scientific link between dandruff and hair loss at all. Although it is a bit gross, dandruff is entirely normal, and far more common than we think. Everyone experiences it at some point in their lives, men and women alike (although it is more common in men). Dandruff is not a precursor nor is it a symptom of any kind of baldness, in fact the two are not linked by much at all.

Dr. Eric Treiber believes one important issue to note however, is that dandruff could be a sign of poor hair or scalp health and therefore any hair loss you may experience could be the result of male pattern baldness or alopecia aerate. If you are experiencing any type of hair loss or dandruff you should contact Dr. Eric Treiber at Eric Treiber Dermatology today.