Dr Eric Treiber Dr. Eric is board certified dermatologist offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Dr. Eric is licensed dermatologist in the State of NY.
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Dr Eric Treiber
Dr. Eric is board certified dermatologist offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Dr. Eric is licensed dermatologist in the State of NY. I had never seen Dr. Eric S. Treiber before. He was very kind and informative and took the time to answer my questions in detail. I appreciated his honesty and will certainly see him again. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is very thorough in terms of examining me. He is caring and thorough and very professional. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is an excellent diagnostician. I came in for a cosmetic procedure. Just wanted to look youthful. He has a very artistic eye and knows. Drs like Dr Treiber do not exist anymore so if you can snatch an appointment with her I suggest you take it!. She's an expert in her field with a prodigious bedside manner. Thank you Dr Treiber for you! Cannot say anything less than great for Dr Treiber. She is a wonderful and accurate derm. Dr. Ruth is an exceptional physician. She is honest, thorough and devoted to her patients. Her staff is warm and welcoming, and I adore Cathy, her nurse. I've had several serious skin issues and i always trust that with Dr. Ruth, i am in capable hands. Dr Ruth Treibor is an incredibly talented and patient skin doctor and has identified problems that others missed. She is also extremely thorough and detailed and keep close track of every mark and blemish for safety and as a result as identified many early stage issues which she has been able to treat before they became a real problem. She is incredibly proactive and also helps me keep up with new ways of improving my skin tone and preventing further damage as I get older. She's the best! Dr Ruth Treiber is not only a well rounded dermatologist who is knowledgeable in every aspect of dermatology but she is also such a caring person. My dermatologist for over 10yrs . She has made me feel and look beautiful for every time I have been there. She has always guided me with her expertise in all her beauty enhancing services. I love her work and how it makes me feel when I leave her office. I would never leave her. Christine D.
Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Dr. Eric Treiber, MD & Ruth Treiber, MD

3 Steps to the Best Skin of Your Life

When it comes to our overall appearance, the most important aspect has got to your skin and overall facial complexion. The first thing an individual sees upon meeting you is generally your face, and therefore in order for you to make your best possible first impression you have got to have your face and skin looking its absolute best – you never known when you might run into your soulmate, or someone who might end up giving you’re the job of your dreams. One of the biggest issues however to proper skincare and the skin’s overall appearance has got to be the effects of environmental factors every day. From things like pollution and smog, to weather issues like the wind, rain and most importantly, the sun – can all have severely damaging effects on your skin in its current form, as well as its ability to help protect itself moving forward. According to Dr. Ruth Treiber MD and Eric Treiber MD, of Treiber Dermatology, who is often considered to be the best dermatologist Rye has to offer, the sun’s UV light is one of the most damaging external factors affecting your skin. Unprotected exposure to UV rays can damage DNA in skin cells and lead to some of the most severe of issues, including things like skin cancer, as well as more cosmetic issues such as the signs of premature aging. And while the vast majority of us are coming around to understand the damaging effects of the sun, for many individuals sunbathing is almost a ritual at this point, and these individuals have not only integrated important skincare steps into their regimen, but are willingly putting themselves in harm’s way because of the sun. And often these individuals may not realize the error of their ways until they are in their 40’s and 50’s, and desperately seeking a way to turn back the clock on their skin. While there are a number of methods that can certainly help them, according to Dr. Eric Treiber MD the best dermatologist Rye has in practice, the key to the best skin possible is prevention, as opposed trying to fight the damage that’s already been done. Learn more about some of the most important methods of prevention below.

Eat Clean and Healthy

While there are constant debates going on whether your diet has anything to do with the appearance of your skin, in most cases as a discussion about acne breakouts – the truth lies somewhere in between the web of miscommunication. The face of the matter is that, a healthy diet is key to a healthy overall lifestyle, which in turn is key to healthy overall skin, in both form and function. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and high in antioxidants is good not only for your skin, but also for your entire body. Avoid processed foods and make sure dark green, leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and kale, as well as citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits are included in your daily diet. These foods contain nutrients that can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer by up to 50 percent and leave you with glowing, healthy skin.

Vitamin B3

One of the most important aspects of living an overall healthy life is proper, clean supplementation. Especially with a vitamin such as B3, also known as nicotinamide. According to the best dermatologist Rye has practicing, Dr. Ruth Treiber MD and her team at Treiber Dermatology, recent studies have found that patients who have been previously diagnosed with basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers see enhanced DNA repair and decreased risk of future skin cancers by taking 500 milligrams of vitamin B3 twice daily. Adding vitamin B3 to your daily regimen to boost your skin’s DNA repair process while also potentially reducing your risk for skin cancer.

DNA Repairing Enzymes

As we mentioned, some of the biggest known combatants to good overall skincare have got to be outside environmental factors such as sun exposure, pollution, and weather elements like wind, rain, as well as the natural issues that come about because of aging. The biggest issue as a result of these factors our skin’s DNA is damaged on a daily basis, and this damage can eventually lead to pre-skin cancers or skin cancer. Luckily, you have repair mechanisms built into your body. When you get a mild sunburn, your body works to naturally heal itself with DNA repair enzymes. However, those repair enzymes only have so much capacity, and you slowly lose the ability to self-heal as you age. The good news is that you can boost your natural repair process with topical skin care that contains DNA repair enzymes derived from natural materials, such as algae and plankton. Using these products can help reverse damage to skin.


Of course there are many more helpful tips that can help individuals to improve their skin overall, including things like wearing sunscreen and exfoliating on a daily basis, for more information on skincare overall, or to schedule your next appointment, be sure to contact Treiber Dermatology today.