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Dr. Eric is board certified dermatologist offering medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Dr. Eric is licensed dermatologist in the State of NY. I had never seen Dr. Eric S. Treiber before. He was very kind and informative and took the time to answer my questions in detail. I appreciated his honesty and will certainly see him again. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is very thorough in terms of examining me. He is caring and thorough and very professional. Dr. Eric S. Treiber is an excellent diagnostician. I came in for a cosmetic procedure. Just wanted to look youthful. He has a very artistic eye and knows. Drs like Dr Treiber do not exist anymore so if you can snatch an appointment with her I suggest you take it!. She's an expert in her field with a prodigious bedside manner. Thank you Dr Treiber for you! Cannot say anything less than great for Dr Treiber. She is a wonderful and accurate derm. Dr. Ruth is an exceptional physician. She is honest, thorough and devoted to her patients. Her staff is warm and welcoming, and I adore Cathy, her nurse. I've had several serious skin issues and i always trust that with Dr. Ruth, i am in capable hands. Dr Ruth Treibor is an incredibly talented and patient skin doctor and has identified problems that others missed. She is also extremely thorough and detailed and keep close track of every mark and blemish for safety and as a result as identified many early stage issues which she has been able to treat before they became a real problem. She is incredibly proactive and also helps me keep up with new ways of improving my skin tone and preventing further damage as I get older. She's the best! Dr Ruth Treiber is not only a well rounded dermatologist who is knowledgeable in every aspect of dermatology but she is also such a caring person. My dermatologist for over 10yrs . She has made me feel and look beautiful for every time I have been there. She has always guided me with her expertise in all her beauty enhancing services. I love her work and how it makes me feel when I leave her office. I would never leave her. Christine D.
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4 Things to Know About Spider Veins Before Treatment

With the summer months here it looks like its time to bust out your favorite skirts and short-shorts. But for many women (and men!), that means having to deal with those awful, unsightly spider veins or varicose veins – leaving many women in need of immediate leg vein treatment. While they are similar in nature, these leg veins are characterized by slight differences in their appearance that distinguish them from one another. Varicose veins are twisted up, blue, blood vessels, that are not only visible from outside the skin, but create a raised impression above it as well. According to Dr. Eric Treiber MD and his team at Treiber Dermatology, spider veins, while similar, are much smaller blood vessels, often grouped closely together, appearing as a spider web – hence the name, spider veins. These abnormal veins are a result of certain vascular issues which develop when the valves and walls of the veins weaken over time. As these veins begin to degenerate, blood flow will slow, and will start to pool up. As the blood continuously pools over time, it will increase the pressure on the already weakened veins – causing them to enlarge and protrude through the skin’s surface. In the case of varicose veins, they will be especially prominent, in both look and feel – while spider veins, appear as a network of slim, bluish-red veins, much less prominent. While these issues might be mostly cosmetic, they can be a sign of some greater health concern, in addition to causing certain symptoms on their own. For those suffering from these issues, Dr. Eric Treiber MD of Treiber Dermatology offers patients a number of different options for leg vein treatment – but mainly we recommend patients undergo Sclerotherapy. Before you undergo your leg vein treatment, here are a few important facts to know about varicose veins and spider veins.

They Are Extremely Common

While it may not be talked about often in the aesthetic enhancement world, these leg vein issues are extremely common – in both women and men! Studies have shown that approximately 60% of all women, and 40-45% of all men, suffer from some form of vascular leg issues, in the US alone. And there is more than a 50% chance that you will be affected by varicose veins past the age of 50.

Not Just a Cosmetic Issue

At Treiber Dermatology, Dr. Eric Treiber MD and his team specialize in all manner of aesthetic enhancement and correction – offering a number of different leg vein treatment options. Many patients suffering from varicose veins will often complain of heaviness, swelling, discomfort, and even pain in the legs. In addition, they can cause mobility issues in the legs, and over time, patients may even develop dangerous blood clots, and non-healing bruises and sores.

Causes & Risk Factors for Vascular Issues

Despite how common they are, there are a lot of risk factors that can drastically increase your chances of acquiring both varicose veins or spider veins. Some of these factors include:

  • Genetics – Vascular issues are hereditary.
  • Gender – Women are far more likely to develop them then men.
  • Weight – Those who are overweight have a much higher chance of acquiring them.
  • Pregnancy & Hormones – Pregnant women, and those women taking birth control pills and other medication that affects your hormones, are far more likely to suffer from them.
Lifestyle Changes That May Help

When it comes to leg vein treatment, Dr. Eric Treiber MD will often recommend that his patients make a number of different lifestyle changes, before they undergo something more invasive that may have side effects. Some of these lifestyle changes include:

  • Exercise to Improve Circulation
  • Avoid Overly Tight Pants
  • Weight Loss
  • Avoid Sitting or Standing for Long Periods Without Breaks

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